Manuka Honey Authenticity

The debate about Manuka honey and its authenticity rumbles on. When experts can’t agree on the fundamentals, it’s no surprise perhaps that the consumer is sometimes confused and concerned. We’ll stick to just the facts about Tiptree manuka honey.

You can be confident that our manuka 10+ honey is exactly as we describe it:
We buy from just one supplier and for the past thirty years, he’s been visiting New Zealand and meeting the beekeepers face to face. He is an expert with a reputation to maintain. Our supplier provides certificates for every delivery he makes to us.

We verify our supplier’s certificates by having our own tests carried out by a UKAS accredited food laboratory - every batch of Manuka 10+ is tested before the finished jars leave our door, sealed.

Packing honey is a simple process. We gently warm it, then filter and pack it straight into sealed glass jars ready for you to enjoy.

BRC checks everything we do, not just manuka 10+ honey ( They check our factory, our staff, our products and our record-keeping. 

Check the test results for yourself: CLICK HERE for our latest manuka 10+ results:

Find out more about manuka honey on the link below. We don’t agree with everything they say but they do present a balanced view with useful information for the consumer. We understand the New Zealand government is still pressing beekeepers and packers to agree an enforceable standard.

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