National Cream Tea Day – virtual & Reality

National Cream Tea Day – virtual & Reality
National Cream Tea Day – virtual & Reality

3rd July 2020


The Cream Tea Society’s special day stimulated comments, videos and chats on social media with amazing images of scones, jam and cream being enjoyed across the world.


The day started with a Phil Khoury, Harrod’s pastry chef, introducing an unusual way of making scones giving them time to rest and rise, resulting in an extra fluffy scone – perfect for the jam and cream.  His early video was timed to catch viewers in Australia as well as the UK and by Monday night it had 12k views; a huge “thank you to Phil and to our colleague Marky at Mayers”.



James Hillery’s scone bake-a-long video showed the effort that goes into producing an eye- catching scone with Tiptree Conserve and Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream; for which we were very grateful.  The day continued with Lavender and Lovage’s perfect afternoon tea, Jane’s Patisserie recipe, Juliet Sear’s video of a great scone, then a conversation with Nick Rodda and Scott Goodfellow about the art of making clotted cream and the skill in picking fruit and making Tiptree Little Scarlet Conserve. 



Many people found an opportunity to share a cream tea some virtually and some in reality including the staff working in the jam factory who were given a surprise cream tea box to take home at the end of their shift (image: Tracy & Danielle from Wilkin & Sons). Although charity fundraising events have been postponed we were delighted that people at The SW Children’s Hospice, Haven Hospice at Southend and St Helena Hospice at Colchester were able to be part of National Cream Tea Day.



At the end of a busy day it was time to indulge in a cocktail making session with Chloe McGrath showing ideas for using Tiptree spirits and Rodda’s cream in some delicious cocktails – cheers!


Published on : 03 Jul, 2020
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