Tiptree Jam Factory Chimney

Tiptree Jam Factory Chimney
Tiptree Jam Factory Chimney

Chim chiminey, Chim chiminey, Chim chim cher-ee!

You may have noticed that our Tiptree Jam Factory chimneys have disappeared from the skyline. Two years ago we upgraded to a more efficient energy centre at Tiptree which now powers our factory, so our three old chimneys were no longer needed. We recorded a short time-lapse video of their safe removal. This was something which we wanted to capture as they have been part of our history for so many years. 

Please rest assured that our steam powered factory hooter continues to sound, and will continue to signal key times of the day.

We have kept the top of the chimney with the ‘TIPTREE JAMS’ lettering, and will find a home for this historical piece in the grounds of our Tea Room & Visitor Centre at Tiptree.

You can watch our short video here.

Published on : 08 Mar, 2021
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