Bacon & Chocolate Croissant

Bacon & Chocolate Croissant

Tiptree Recipes
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Serves 4

We met Paul Boorman when he was executive chef at Wivenhoe House, he inspired many of us to think of food tastes and combinations of food in a different way – hence this tasty bacon snack.


Recipe by Sally Carpenter for Wilkin & Sons.


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Ingredients and Method



  1. Set oven to 170 degrees
  2. Snip the fat side of the bacon rashers to stop them curling
  3. Grill bacon
  4. Meanwhile put croissant in oven for 2 minutes maximum to warm
  5. Soften Chocolate Spread - in microwave for a few seconds (to make it easier to spread)
  6. Split croissant down the curved side – lay bacon in croissant – drizzle softened chocolate onto bacon and eat immediately – serve with good coffee.
Products you will need
  1. Chocolate Spread 205g
    Chocolate Spread 205g
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