Boozy Peach Trifle

Boozy Peach Trifle

Tiptree Recipes
Tiptree Recipes

A delicious fruity trifle that can be made in four individual glasses.

Blanched Pistachio nuts make colourful decoration; adding them to the cream is optional.

We used Tiptree Peach Bellini Conserve but Tiptree Peach Conserve will be good too.

Recipe by Sally Carpenter for Wilkin & Sons Ltd.



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Ingredients and Method



  1. Cut biscuits in half and arrange round edge of glass and put offcuts in centre.
  2. Pour Ginger Wine onto biscuits and set aside.
  3. Shell nuts, blanch in boiling water, plunge into cold water to help retain colour.
  4. Dry nuts on kitchen paper when cold chop them.
  5. Peel mango and cut into rough chunks then mix with Tiptree Peach Bellini.
  6. Spoon mango onto biscuits.
  7. Drain peaches and roughly chop and put on trifle.
  8. Place in ‘frig for an hour if possible.
  9. Spoon custard onto the fruit.
  10. Whip cream then stir in a few chopped nuts (optional).
  11. Decorate trifle with cream, whole green pistachio nuts and chocolate sticks.
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