Loganberry or Raspberry Jam Bars

Loganberry or Raspberry Jam Bars

Tiptree Recipes
Tiptree Recipes

A simple recipe first demonstrated by Robert from Tiptree at the Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival.

Good for tea and delicious with cream or yoghurt as a dessert (The oats and bran can be substituted for all oats if you wish, the end product will be a little more crumbly).


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Ingredients and Method



  1. Set oven at 170 degrees C (fan) or the equivalent.
  2. Combine all of the dry ingredients into a large basin and mix well with a spoon.
  3. Melt the butter in a saucepan, bringing it to the boil!
  4. Pour the butter carefully into the basin with the dry ingredients and mix in thoroughly with a spoon.
  5. Put about two thirds of the mixture into a lightly buttered brownie tray and press down firmly. (A flat fish slice is useful for this, otherwise the back of a spoon).
  6. Put the jam into a small basin and stir vigorously to make it smooth.
  7. Spread carefully onto the mixture in the brownie tin but keep away from the edges. Sprinkle the rest of the mixture evenly over the jam layer. Optional: top with flaked almonds.
  8. Bake in the centre of a pre-heated oven at 170 degrees C (fan) for 25 -30 minutes. Leave to cool and slice into squares for a simple, delicious treat or serve with yoghurt or cream for dessert.
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