Pancakes with a Twist

Pancakes with a Twist

Tiptree Recipes
Tiptree Recipes

Traditional pancakes served with fresh lemon and sugar are delicious but here are some suggestions with a Tiptree twist that may give you food for thought.


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Ingredients and Method



  1. Spirited marmalade - steep sultanas in whisky until soft (you can warm them but don't ignite in microwave!), spread Tiptree orange marmalade on half the pancake, cover with drained sultanas, roll.
  2. Strawberries & cream - spread cream cheese (or thick cream) on half pancake, top with Tiptree little scarlet strawberry conserve and roll.
  3. Simply sweet - spoon Tiptree Victoria plum conserve onto half a pancake, roll.
  4. Refresher - spread Tiptree lemon curd onto half a pancake, add blueberries and roll.
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