Film of TV presenter and actor Kevin Duala’s visit to Tiptree last the autumn was shown on BBC TV “The One Show” on Monday 23 January 2023 as he talked to Wilkin & Sons’ staff about their memories of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Tiptree in October 2010.

Kevin was taken on a tour of the jam factory by operations manager Shane Waughman where they tried splitting oranges as they talked about marmalade making.  Shane said, “It’s a privilege and an honour to work for a business with this much history and that has those connections with the royal family.”

As Kevin walked into the Secret Garden beside the Tiptree tea rooms he met Genevieve (Genny) McCory who recalled how the staff had voted for her to present the posy of flowers to Her Majesty on that very memorable day. Genny was joined by Nicky Goldsack, Claire King and Mark Vanson adding their memories of the amazing visit.

The television crew were filming Royal Warrant companies that had had a close relationship with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as they awaited news of the future of their Royal Warrants. Wilkin & Sons has held a royal warrant continuously since 1911, an amazing achievement that we hope will continue.