On a perfect summer morning Jimmy Doherty from Jimmy’s Farm helped celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Tiptree Strawberry Race; the race is to find the fastest picker of the tiny Little Scarlet strawberries in one hour.  Tiptree farm pickers and teams from the factory and local businesses competed, many dressed in football apparel as a nod to Tiptree Health Football Club who will benefit with a donation from the race – it is also the Euros. 

The fastest and best picker was Marian Tiuga with 6.47 kilos an excellent result, Marian came second last year so he was keen to reach the top spot.

Jimmy Doherty opened the first Strawberry Race in June 2004 at Bounds Farm Goldhanger. Then the fruit was grown on raised beds in the open fields so picking was very challenging, but Michael Weller from Tollesbury won fastest picker with 5.2kilos.  Today the tiny strawberries are grown at table -top height which keeps the crops clean and is easier for pickers.

Chris Newenham, joint managing director of Wilkin & Sons, started the race and welcomed Jimmy Doherty, guests and pickers, he said “You will have to search the plants for the tiny berries as we need more sun to ripen the fruit but they will be very sweet.”

After the presentations, Chairman Walter Scott presented Adam Sorrell, secretary of Tiptree Health Football Club with a hamper, commenting on the fact that Adam’s father and grandfather worked at Tiptree.  Walter concluded, “Thank you all for coming and in particular to Jimmy we are so pleased to see you again.”  Jimmy said that it was great to be back after 20 years. 


Fastest picker – winner for 2024 - Marian Tiuga – 6.47 kilos
Fastest picker – runner up - Nicolae Petrechivta – 5.24 kilos
Fastest home team – Thursday Cottage with a total of 11.44 kilos
Fastest Visiting team – Barclays Bank with a total of 6.78 kilos
Best dressed visiting team – Ellisons Solicitors in their Ipswich kit
Best dressed home team – Tiptree Pudding Room – they even brought the goal posts and net
Individual best dressed – runner up - VAR screen by Caroline Bird from MM Wealth
Individual best dressed – winner - FA Cup by Sarah Johnson from MM Wealth