NGS (New Growing System)

Strawberries have always been the key crop on the farm and the innovations over the last twenty years have lifted the plants grown in open fields onto tabletop trays often grown under Spanish tunnels.

In 2016 this was taken a stage further with the introduction of the first New Growing System (NGS) in the UK for strawberries. The NGS offers a sustainable controlled environment for the fruit, the system doubles the amount of plants that can be grown per hectare and it is much easier for the pickers. Farming in the driest part of the driest county in the country is a challenge so the construction of two new winter fill reservoirs was a great relief.

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Little Scarlet Strawberry

Little Scarlet is a very special strawberry, an anachronism (lovely word!) in today’s world. Today, strawberries are quite unlike the tiny, intensely flavoured fruit of two hundred years ago, whereas Little Scarlet strawberry never changed. Grown only at Tiptree, the fruit is difficult to grow, an unpredictable cropper that dislikes extremes of weather and won’t keep once picked. The upside is that Tiptree’s Little Scarlet conserve (James Bond’s conserve of choice) is made only from our own carefully cultivated fruit.