There were celebrations on the sea wall by the Blackwater estuary last week as the team from The View at Osea, one of the Tiptree tea rooms, met Laura Gasson from British Heart Foundation.  Customers and staff at the Tiptree tea rooms across Essex and at Southwold took part in fundraising events on National Cream Day this summer and on Thursday it was an opportunity to share news of the total amount raised: £1,293.

“Thank you to the staff and customers who took part in National Cream Tea Day. Around 200,000 people in Essex are living with heart and circulatory diseases. Your support is helping fund scientific breakthroughs that can save and improve the lives of millions suffering from heart and circulatory diseases”. Laura Gasson, Area Fundraiser for British Heart Foundation.

“The British Heart Foundation was the charity chosen by staff this year, for some very special reasons,” said Aimee Smith, marketing manager for the Tiptree tearooms.  “We look forward to working with Laura on a new skills project for our staff in the autumn”.

As joint founders of the Cream Tea Society who set up National Cream Tea Day NCTD, Wilkin & Sons and their partners at Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream promote the idea of people coming together to share a cream tea.  Many charities across the country benefit from National Cream Tea Day activities.