Tiptree English Spiced Rum 70cl

By Tiptree


Our Tiptree English Spiced Rum is best savoured slowly to release the complex notes of caramel, quince, and English oak. Made in deepest Essex, we take a week or more to ferment sugar cane molasses, then distil the liquor in small-batch copper alembic stills. 

 The heart of the rum is pooled and second-distilled with thinly sliced aromatic quince and charred woods from the Tiptree Farm. A final maturation in English oak lends a subtle vanilla note. 

Sip over ice, add your favourite mixer, or get creative with cocktails.

Ingredients and Nutritional

Size: 70cl

Ingredients: Rum from English Spirit Distillery infused with, Molasses, Black Strap Molasses, Vanilla, Quince.

ABV: 40%